Taysiders in Space Set

The combined skills of our craftsmen, some with more than twenty years' experience in the industry, are constantly put to the test in applying new approaches and techniques to the making of scenery. Adapting traditional methods and utilising their complementary skills to convert the most ambitious designs into practical, working reality.
Increasingly they are involved with advanced, lightweight materials producing, where possible, portable metal-framed modular units for ease of assembly and ultimately storage.
In translating the designer's concept, our craftsmen display their own creative talents. Painters with practiced strokes conjure up effects designed to deceive the camera or audience. Carpenters, after after constructing a new set, immediately speed up the ageing process to fake an authenticity that's hard to identify from the real thing.
Supported by the finest workshop facilities, it's an approach built on hard-earned expertise which, even today, is flexible enough to permit the necessary adjustments and refinements which only experience can provide.

Examples of Our Scenery and Construction

Clansman under construction    Filming outside the Clansman with rain effects.    Live Floor Show, Studio A, BBC Scotland    The Live Floor Show, Studio A, BBC Scotland.
Still Game 2005 - Clansman Ext Build                             Live Floor Show - BBC Scotland, Studio Set
Sewer Set       Taysiders in Space Set under construction    Finished Taysiders in Space Set.
Chewin' the Fat - Sewer Sketches                                   Chewin' the Fat - Taysiders in Space